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Tell Me About Yourself – How to Answer In Interview

In any interview, be it technical, Managerial or HR, the one question that you would always be asked is “Tell me About Yourself”. And it has been found in research that most of the candidates do not give an answer that the Interviewer wants to hear. The question is so open ended that candidates tend to over-speak about themselves.

From Interviewers perspective, this question is a good conversation starter.

The question may come in various different form but what the interviewer was intended to hear is same. They want to hear the specifics about your careers. Yes, most of the things are written in your CV but the answer for this question can give interviewer a good summary of your profile.  

The question can be different but the answer of all the questions is same.

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Tell us something about yourself
  • Tell us about your work experience
  • Introduce Yourself

So, how would you answer the question. How long should you answer the question? What are the points do you need to tell and what are the points yo should not tell to the interviewer? Okay, Let’s find out.

The answer can be divided in 3 steps:

  1. Who You Are?
  2. Why you are qualified for the job?
  3. Why you are here?

Who You Are? (20 Seconds)

Candidate must not tell more than two sentences in this section. Give them a good summary of your job profile. Give them the relevant information about your experience. It has been seen many candidates tend to start from their schooling. No need to tell interviewer all these. Interviewer is a human and he/she gets bored too. Tell them your job summary. Tell them about your current position with your expertise. A good example is:

Example of a Fresher:

 I am an Electrical Engineering graduate with a strong background in Machine designing.

The above example is short and gives interviewer an idea of who you are.

Example of an experienced:

I am an automation software tester who has worked in various domains like Life Science, Insurance and Retail. I have worked in Automation Tools like Selenium, QTP and Provar.

The above example gives the interviewer all the relevant information in 20 seconds that the interviewer wants to listen.

Bad Example:

 I am Richard. I am from Michigan, USA. I have completed my schooling from this school. Then I went to this Grad School. I have a Computer Science Degree. I got A in this subject and A+ in that subject. My favorite subject is Java. No, cut the crap and be on point.


Why You are Qualified for the Job? (1 Min 30 Seconds)

You should take most of the times explaining this. Be well prepared before starting this part because this is the most important part of your answer.

Go through the Job Description of the job you are being interviewed. Most of the companies will have a job description. This Job Description part will have all the skills and requirements, that they are looking for.

Before answering this part, have a checklist prepared and follow these rule

  • Go through the Job Description. (Read the Job Description twice before appearing for the interview)
  • What is your skills (Note Down all your skill)
  • How your skill matches with the JD. (Note down the Job Description points that matches with your Skills)
  • Emphasize on those points.
  • Now tell them about all the skills that you have but is not part of the Job Description.

If the organization has an opening for an Automation Tester and you are one, then your answer should be like this:
I have Automation Testing experience of 5 Years. I have experience  in various automation tools like Selenium, QTP and Provar. My role was to prepare the framework of Selenium and apart from that, I have scripted the test cases as well. I have worked in Maven, TestNG and Jenkins as well. For 1 year, I had worked in QTP Automation tool. I was a team member for that project so my role was just to prepare the test cases. I had worked in Provar automation tool for a brief period of time.  
In my last project, I was responsible for managing a mid size team of 6 members. Sending reports to client and other stakeholders was my responsibility. 

Why You Are Here? (15-20 Seconds)

You should make it clear to them why you are here for the interview. This is typically an one-liner. You can tell them Why are thinking of leaving the current job. Do not be critical about your previous company. A perfect example would be like:


Although I am very happy with my current role, I feel I am ready for a new challenging assignment and this position really excites me.


Wrap up the answer in 2 minutes because interviewer would not like to hear all the unnecessary things about you. Be precise and be confident. 

If you answer this question well and good, you will also have a confidence boost as well. So prepare well before appearing for the interview and ALL THE BEST!!!

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