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Microservices Architecture Q&A

Complexity of developing, testing & deploying distributed system, Handling partial failures account to disadvantages of
Microservices — Correct

Decomposition of Microservices based on 2 categories namely
Business capability , Subdomain — Correct

Benefits of Microservices include –
All the options — Correct

Agile development & Deployment is difficult in case of ______
Monolithic — Correct

Simple to Develop, Test, Deploy, Scale represents ______
Monolithic — Correct

Software built as microservices can, by definition, be broken down into multiple component services ?
True — Correct

Separating components with conflicting resource requirements falls under the bucket of _
Microservices — Correct

Is Microservice is considered as subset of SOA ?
True — Correct

The 3Cs of Microservices includes all these except __
Control — Correct

The services communicate with each other internally _______________
Both Messaging and Remote Procedure invocation — Correct

The 2 types of Service Discovery only includes Client-side & server-side discovery ?
True — Correct

External clients communicate with Microservices using _____________

Scenarios where client takes onus & are responsible for determining the network locations of available service instances
Client-side — Correct

API Gateway ensures _________________
All the options — Correct

Netflix OSS is example __
Client-side — Correct

AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) is an example of a ______
Server-side discovery — Correct

Which acts as database of services
Service Registry — Correct

Which ensures to insulate the applications by acting as barrier
API Gateway — Correct

The client expects a timely response from the service and might even block while it waits represents__________client service interaction styles
Synchronous — Correct

_ helps to control & limit the number of consecutive request failures crosses a threshold,
Circuit breaker — Correct

Amazon EC2 Container Service is an example of ____
Docker — Correct

The transactions that span across multiple services are handled by
Event driven Architecture — Correct

Microservices supports different kinds of databases and this is called __.
Polyglot persistence — Correct

Microservices-based architecture enforces a Modular structure ?
True — Correct

The 2 components of CQRS include_______________
Query & command side — Correct & Boxful represents ______________ type of pattern
Service Instance per Host — Correct

Efficient Utilization & Fast Deployment represent which pattern ______________________
Multiple Services per Host pattern — Correct

IDL stands for __________
Interface definition language — Correct

Which of these represent the drawback of Multiple Services per Host pattern
faulty deployment — Correct

Service Instance per Host pattern provides ____
All the options — Correct

Caching helps in improving the performance of the system ?
True — Correct

In Microservices, the API Gateway takes care of the security aspect by rendering ____
Access tokens — Correct

Which pattern collects & reports all exceptions to a centralized exception tracking service
Exception tracing — Correct

Which of this does not represent caching types_______________
Server cache — Correct

Microservice Chassis takes care of all except ______
token generation — Correct

__ is ability to store something temporarily in order to reduce the loading times and I/O of a system.
Cache — Correct

In __, each external request is tagged with unique identifier which is passed to all services involved in handling the request and included in application logging messages
Distributed tracing — Correct

Microservice Architecture adapts following concepts
All the options — Correct

In __ each external request is tagged with unique identifier which is passed to all services involved in handling the request and included in application logging messages
Distributed tracing — Correct

When any single application function or component fails, then the entire application goes down. (Single point of failure ) This is primary disadvantage of ____
Monolithic — Correct

Functional Decomposition is an example of __
Microservices — Correct

Which among these helps in developing a microservice quickly _______
Chassis — Correct

Scaling the application can be challenging in _ due to conflicting needs of Memory, CPU, IO
Monolithic — Correct

Monolithic is identified by all these disadvantages except__________________
High set-up costs — Wrong

Long term commitment of Technology stack is a weakness of which model of architecture
Monolithic — Correct

Microservices based architecture prefers _
NoSQL DBs — Wrong

Service Instance per Container pattern include all except ___________________
Slow Deployment — Correct

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