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Continuous Deployment

Large scale changes to an application can be achieved using __________.Branch by Abstraction
Capacity testing _______________.technical aspects
____________ testing was derived from hardware testing.Smoke
Collection of executable codes is known as ____________.Binaries
The continuous deployment must be followed to practice continuous delivery.TRUE
A build that fails __________ stage will not be deployable.Acceptance
Accurev is a _____________________________ system.Stream Based Version Control
A build can be triggered by a version control tool.TRUE
Build-time dependency should be present when an application is run.FALSE
People who do the deployment should be part of creating the deployment process.TRUE
Build tools can be categorised as __________________.Both
Release candidate is created after the change passes through the ______________.Commit Stage
Continuous deployment aims at making feedback loops as short as possible.TRUE
Dependencies between components must be represented using ______.Directed acyclic graph
Time taken to fix a broken build is measured using ________________.Build repair rate
New instance of ___________ is created upon every check-in. All
What are the principle(s) that are basic for an effective configuration management? 
A build is triggered whenever there is a change in the _________. 
Disciplined technique for restructuring a code without modifying its external behavior is _____________. 
User acceptance testing is done in the ______ stage.Manual Stage
Deployment pipeline is an extension of ______________.Continuous Integration
Component is separated from codebase when ______________. 
Number of transactions a system can process in a given timespan, is measured using _____________ testing. 
______________ is a non-functional test. 
In branch by abstraction model, features are developed in _________. 
___________  stage asserts that the system works at the technical level. 
Response time of the requests are verified using __________________. 
Feature toggles is possible in version control systems. 
An environment that is in a properly deployed state is known as ____________. 
Environment constitutes _________________________.All
Static code analysis is performed in the _____________. 
Functional testing is a verification activity.TRUE
Automated implementation of an application’s build, test, and deployment process is called as _____________________. 
User acceptance testing is a verification activity.FALSE
Value delivered by an application is validated through ______________.All
Testing done in a customer’s environment is know as ____________.Beta
MTTR is 
_____________________ is a paradigm to move code from check-in to production in a controlled way.Deployment Pipeline
Steps to be followed to release the application first time is part of ___________.Release Plan
__________________ stage takes the delivery team beyond continuous integration.Acceptance
Configuration information can be supplied using All
Only positive scenarios are validated in ___________ testing. 


  1. BhanuBhanu

    The continuous deployment must be followed to practice continuous delivery.

    29 March 2021 at 2:35 am Reply
  2. VishnuvardhanVishnuvardhan

    Configuration management enables ____________ and reproducibility.
    Ans: traceability
    Environment configuration details can be integrated during build time.
    Environment configuration must be integrated only during package creation.
    Ans: False

    24 May 2021 at 1:52 am Reply
    1. RajeshRajesh

      Environment configuration details can be integrated during build time.
      Ans:True Correct

      13 June 2021 at 6:40 pm Reply

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