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Azure Essentials Final Assessment

1 Which cloud offering focuses on the consumption of services? SaaS

2 High available applications are all

3 In which operating system, we can use Azure CLI? All the options mentioned

4 When using Azure Resource Manager, you can use a ___ for deployment, which can build identical environments for different work scenarios such as testing, staging, and production Template

5 Which of the following is the older service management model, where cloud services contain your cloud resources? Classic Portal

6 The new Azure Portal is accessed using https:\

7 In which operating system, we can use Azure PowerShell? windows

8 Azure is Microsoft’s as a Service Web hosting service software(wrong)

9 Which one of the following serives is a NoSQL datastore? tables

10 Which of the following statements are correct? all

11 You can view the latest data center map and Pay as You Go subscription information in (the) ? Dash board

12 Default Private IP address allocation method is dynamic

13 ExpressRoute connections enable access to the all

14 Microsoft uses industry standard ______ dynamic routing protocol to exchange routes between your on-premises network, your instances in Azure, and Microsoft public addresses EGP

15 _ is used to route the traffic between virtual machines inside your pirvate virtual network Azure Internal Load Balancers

16 Which Azure networking component is the core unit from which administrators can have full control over IP address assignments, name resolution, security settings, and routing rules? Virtual Networks (VNETs)

17 Which connection configuration offers faster speeds, higher security, lower latencies and higher reliability? ExpressRoute

18 When should you use a static IP address? DNS server

19 A subnet is a range of IP addresses in a VNet

20 Azure Virtual Machines only support VM’s running Microsoft Windows operating system False

21 Azure supports both .vhd and .vhdx file formats for Virtual Machines false

22 Which of the following helps Azure maintain high availability and fault tolerance when deploying and upgrading applications Availability set

23 Most types of resource can be moved to a different resource group at _ Anytime

24 Which of the following Windows Server roles is not supported on Azure Virtual Machines? – Hyper-v

25 You need to deploy a virtual machine on Azure with a low memory entry level requirement. Which virtual machine sizes should you consider choosing? G1 – G5

26 To how many resource groups can a resource be added? 1

27 The VM size determines the number of Nic

28 The smallest recommended virtual machine size in Azure for a production environment is: A1

29 You can estimate costs you will incur on Azure by using which tool? Value Valet

30 You add a data disk to an Azure virtual machine. What drive type is created? SCSI

31 In which type of Storage replication, data is not replicated across multiple datacenters? Locally redundant storage (LRS)

32 If you choose this redundancy strategy, you cannot convert to another redundancy strategy without creating a new storage account and copying the data to the account ZRS

33 Premium storage disks for virtual machines support up to 64 TBs of storage TRUE

34 The maximum size for a file share is 5 TBs TRUE

35 Geo-replication is enabled by default in Windows Azure Storage yes

36 Geo Redundancy is to provide high availability in Geographically

37 Your Azure storage account is always replicated to ensure durability and high availability. By default, which of the following replications schemes is used? GRS

38 What type of storage account is backed by magnetic drives and provides the lowest cost per GB? Standard

39 To delegate administrative tasks for specific resource groups in Azure which functionality should be used? role based access control

40 Which of the following individual components are included on HDInsight clusters? All the options mentioned

41 Which of the following is a worldwide content caching and delivery system for Windows Azure blob content? CDN

42 Which of the following is also known as Compute? Set of virtual machine instances

43 What VPN types are supported by Azure? All the options

44 Azure data is replicated _ times for data protection and writes are checked for consistency three

45 SQL Azure is a cloud-based relational database service that is based on _ SQL Server

46 Which of the following is a non-relational storage system for large-scale storage? Data Lake Store

47 – The connection between storage and Microsoft’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) is stated to be at least percent available -99.9

48 Azure Storage plays the same role in Azure that plays in Amazon Web Services S3

49 What’s the maximum bandwidth provided by ExpressRoute? 10 Gbps

50 If you have to replace your current on-premise services in the form of virtual machines, then you can use Microsoft Azure cloud categorized as __ VAAS

51 Which type of storage offering uses SSDs and is intended for use with Virtual machines? (blob basic )wrong

52 What VM series should you consider, if you want host applications that require high-performance IO for persisted data? DS Series

53 Which of the following are methods Traffic Manager uses to pick endpoints? ALL

54 What is the format of an Azure Resource Template PowerShell

55 Is it possible to create a custom Domain name, or use your organizations domain name, such as, in Azure Active Directory? True

56 A VM can have multiple associated IP addresses. Which of the following are possible IP addresses associated with a VM? ALL

57 Microsoft Azure Active Directory can be integrated with on-premises Active Directory to allow single sign-on. True

58 Which of the following web applications can be deployed with Azure? ALL

59 A subnet is a range of IP addresses in a __. DNS Server


  1. nivenive

    The maximum size for a file share is 5 TBs TRUE — False is correct answer

    22 January 2021 at 6:34 pm Reply
  2. PlusPlus

    51. Which type of storage offering uses SSDs and is intended for use with Virtual machines? (blob basic )wrong
    Correct ans : Premium

    26 October 2021 at 3:46 pm Reply

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