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APIGEE – Analytics Services Q&A

Which query parameter specifies the type of data?
Metrics — Correct

Apigee helps you to diagnose app performance by _.
All of the options — Correct

____ attribute is used to limit the results.
Filter — Correct

Apigee’s analytics metrics help in __ monitoring.
Both the options — Correct

By default, the dashboards are maintained for __ months.
12 — Correct

When using the filter you should use _ as a property.
Dimensions — Correct

By default, the Custom is maintained for __ months.
6 — Correct

Apigee analytics allows you to export the data in __ format.
csv — Correct

runload.js also applies a __ function, so that the number of calls it actually makes varies randomly around a specified number.
Gaussian — Correct

__ lets you choose which set of data you want to plot.
Plot selectors — Correct

You can extract the returned access_token, and insert it into the context, and then use that token in subsequent calls.
True — Correct

You can hover on any part of the graph to get information about that particular data at that point.
True — Correct

__ settings help you in selecting the dates for which to show data and the aggregation or granularity of that data.
Both the options — Correct

The load generator is implemented as a nodejs program called _.
runLoad.js — Correct

Apigee chooses the client key and secret based on _.
Weighted random selection — Correct

To import a proxy into apigee ege use .
Proxy bundle — Correct

In model.json change the __ property to the DNS name of Apigee edge organization.
Host — Correct

The load generator act as a _.
Client — Correct

Using __, you should be able to see the traffic pattern after and before the spike or drop.
Investigate Anomalies — Correct

_ is calculated between the time a complete request is sent by Apigee to a backend target and the response is returned by the client app.
Target error — Correct

Which specifies whether traffic is coming from a robot, a library, or a browser.
Traffic by agent — Correct

The dashboard that appears once you login has _.
all of the options — Correct

Traffic patterns and processing time can be viewed in __ dashboard.
Proxy Performance — Correct

__ dashboard tracks error patterns, traffic patterns, and quality of service across various locations.
GeoMap dashboard — Correct

__ dashboard measures the contribution of your top apps, APIs, and products.
Traffic composition — Correct

The __ dashboard is used to visualize traffic patterns and performance for API proxy backend targets.
Target Performance — Correct

__ shows information like Highly Active Developers, Developers with Apps and Total Developers.
Engagement — Correct

The rate of API calls hitting the cache vs total API traffic is called _.
Cache Performance — Correct

A _ is a method to specify exactly what you want to analyze in your API program.
custom report — Correct

The primary measure used for a report is called _.
Metric — Correct

It is possible to fetch Analytics data using REST API.
True — Correct

__ plot allows you to see the central tendency and dispersion of data.
Dispersion box plot — Correct

Reports can be viewed in _ format.
all of the options — Correct

__ will create a custom dimension that will be captured every time when that proxy is invoked.
Statistics Collector Policy — Correct

Custom reports will reflect API calls immediately in the Edge portal.
False — Correct

It is not possible to export custom reports to any format.
False — Correct

The __ gives an high level overview of your entire API.
Dashboard — Correct

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